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Our history

covenIt comes from the English word for “Coven”, those gatherings of witches who idolized nature and its energy, the sun, the moon and the sea.. In coven We are a 100% Mexican and LGBT team that is dedicated to creating what we like most, light romantic novels of our favorite genre.


We join a wonderful community that creates original BL material in Latin America, our goal is to create quality content at affordable prices to support the creativity and imagination of our readers, fulfilling our dream of telling stories and sharing them with the world.




Illustrationn / Editorial design
Graduated from UNAM and specialized in illustration, Hikaru He is a talented Mexican illustrator who not only fills the pages of our books, but also the promotional ones, merch and art commissions at events..


Authorto / Graphic design/ Editorial design

Author for more than 10 years starting with fanfics from multiple fandoms, Graduate in Design and Visual Communication from U.N.A.M, dog lover.

Favorite genres: Romance, Drama, Horror
Favorite food: French fries.
Favorite drink: Cold beer and tea to write.

Lady York

Author / Style Correction / Social Media

An author for more than ten years, she has had great success writing FanFiction from Fandoms like Hannibal on various platforms such as WattPad, A03.

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